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A New Water Filter For Your Apartment or Dorm

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In apartments and dorms, you have three main ways to enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water: water filter pitchers, bottled water and countertop water filters. Read on to learn more about how to get filtered water in an apartment or dorm as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

Why Renters and Students Should Use a Countertop Water Filter

Although you can choose bottled water or a water filtration system for an apartment or dorm, the advantages of a counter top filter often outweigh other options. Plus, other water filter systems and bottled water can have big drawbacks.

Water Filter Pitchers

Woman pouring water into glass with a filter pitcher

Water filter pitchers rely on gravity to reduce unwanted substances from drinking water. To use one, you fill it up with tap water, and then the pitcher filters as you pour. Things to keep in mind when considering a water filter pitchers:


-Possibility of hard water deposits: Over time, hard water can cause mineral deposits to form inside of a pitcher water filter, which can negatively impact the flow rate and taste of water.

-Slow pouring: Because gravity must do the work, a water filter pitcher is usually slow to fill glasses.

-Need for frequent filling: Most water filter pitchers can only hold a limited amount of water, so frequent refills are necessary. In a dorm or apartment shared by roommates, deciding who will be the one to handle refills can lead to disagreements.

-Large amount of maintenance required: Normally, water filter pitchers require frequent filter changes. It can be hard to track when to make the switch, and most pitcher filter replacement timers count days instead of gallons poured, which could mean that a change is necessary before the timer indicates.

    Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

    Reverse Osmosis water filtration system

    Usually installed under the kitchen sink, a reverse osmosis water filtration system reduces contaminants by forcing water through a membrane. Some factors to keep in mind when using this type of water filter for apartment and dorm dwellers include:


    -Lack of availability: Those who live in dorms will likely be unable to benefit from a reverse osmosis system because students usually aren't able to request modifications to the plumbing. In apartments, the landlord will usually have to approve the installation, and there is no guarantee they will.

    -Installation: Plumping is typically required for these under-the-sink water filters. This may present challenges with hiring help to professionally install the filter system.

      Faucet Attachment

      Faucet water filtration system

      A faucet attachment uses gravity to filter but is installed directly onto the faucet to reduce unwanted materials whenever you turn on the water. When considering this type of water filtration system for apartment and dorm residents, it’s important to consider the following:


      -Slow flow rate: Installing a faucet water filter normally means adding a wait time to everything from filling a pot to boil water to refilling a water bottle.
      -Lack of availability: In a dorm, students may not have a kitchen faucet to install a filter on, and they likely won't be able to gain permission to install one in communal spaces.

        Bottled Water

        Bottled water being poured into cup

        Many apartment and dormitory residents opt for bottled water because of the challenges of using water filter systems, but this decision also means dealing with potential drawbacks such as:


        -Cost: Drinking the recommended amount of water per day from a 16.9 oz single-use plastic water bottle can add up to big costs over time. Consult your physician for the recommended daily water intake, as this is different for each person.

        -Space limitations: In small apartments and dorms, cases of bottled water can take up precious space that can be used for storing other items.

        -Waste: Empty plastic bottles may end up in landfills. Although the bottles usually are recyclable, apartment and dorm residents may have difficulty accessing bins or lack the space needed to store empty bottles until they can be turned in.

          Introducing The Reservoir

          The Reservoir

          Compared to the other options, The Reservoir stands out as a convenient, cost-effective option for those searching for answers to how to get filtered water in apartment buildings and dorms. Here are some of the main benefits of this water filtration system:


          -Countertop design: The Reservoir can go on top of a counter, desk or other surfaces. It's compact, so it won't take up all of the available space in an apartment or dorm. Because it doesn't attach to plumbing, setup is simple and doesn't require permission from the landlord or university.

          -Effectiveness: The Reservoir reduces 76 contaminants*, including chlorine, lead and other heavy metals, chemicals and microorganisms.

          -Speed: The Reservoir actively pumps water to fill your glass on demand and allows you to avoid the wait time associated with faucet and pitcher filters.
          -Less need for refills and maintenance: The Reservoir filters up to 390 gallons of water*, meaning less worry about filling. Plus, its water filter generally outlasts the ones found in pitchers to lower maintenance concerns*. The filter replacement timer is smart enough to count gallons, so you can feel confident that you're making the switch at the right time.

          -Reduces costs compared to 16.9 oz bottled water: With costs of just 13¢ per gallon of filtered water*, The Reservoir is a more cost-effective choice compared to single-use plastic water bottles. To showcase, if a four-person family drinks two gallons of water per day, it would cost them 26¢ per day, or less than $8 a month. Even if you only pay $4 for a 24-count case of 16.9 oz. plastic bottles, it comes out to about $2.60 per day, or $80 per month.

            Learn more about the features and benefits of The Reservoir for your apartment or dorm.




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