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Creative Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

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As a parent, you've likely heard that kids should avoid sugary soft drinks and have only small amounts of juices due to their high sugar content. Water and milk are the beverages experts typically recommend for kids. Just how many glasses of water a day for kids do they suggest? General guidelines say that babies and toddlers age 1 to 3 should have 4 cups of milk or water daily. Kids 4 to 8 should drink 6 cups and older kids need around 7 to 8 cups. Knowing how to get kids to drink more water can help make keeping your little ones hydrated a whole lot easier.

1. Infuse Water

Making the taste of water more appealing is an effective strategy for parents striving to learn how to get kids to drink water. Infusions can turn plain tap water into a palate-pleasing treat for kids. Plus, the fruits and vegetables that you add to the water treat your kids to vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Check out our infused water recipes for inspiration and consider allowing your child to help you add the ingredients. They may be more excited to taste what they helped create.

2. Use Filtered Water for Better Taste

Kids are less likely to want to sip water with a metallic or chemical taste. Serving filtered water when you're trying out the following ways to increase their water intake can increase the chances of success. Filtered water doesn't just result in a better-tasting beverage for your kids. It also allows you to reduce single-use plastic and is typically more economical than giving children bottled water.

3. Decorate a Reusable Water Bottle

When you need a rainy day activity, have your child decorate a reusable water bottle. They can apply stickers, doodle on it with markers and more. Getting kids excited about their water bottle can make them more eager to try these creative ways to hydrate a toddler or kid. If your child isn't the crafty type, simply adding a colorful reusable straw to a water bottle may be enough to entice them to sip.

4. Rewards System

Set daily water-drinking goals for your child and have them track their own water intake with a chalkboard, whiteboard, poster or mobile app. When they hit their daily goal, give them a small prize like a sticker. Consider bigger rewards like a fun outing with the family when they meet their goals for an entire week or month. Match the rewards to your child's interest, and avoid using food as an incentive.

5. Make It a Game

Turn sipping into a playful experience by playing a word game. Fill up their water bottle before you start their favorite TV show or movie. Choose a word and tell them to sip each time someone says it.

6. Educate Your Child

Older kids and teenagers are more likely to make healthy choices when they understand the reasons for them. Explain to your child how water helps them stay hydrated so that their body can work at its best. You can also point out how water has zero calories, unlike soda.

7. Monkey See Monkey Do

Kids love to mimic what they see. Set a good example by drinking water in front of them. When a character in a movie or TV show drinks water, point it out to your child. Consider buying kids' books about water to get your little one thinking about it.

8. Make Water Accessible

Kids won't be able to drink more water if they don't have access to it. Bring a filled reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Keep a countertop water filter in an easy-to-reach spot for older kids and teens. For younger children, make sure there is always a reusable water bottle on standby on the counter or in the fridge.

9. Limit Drink Options

Another solution for how to get kids to drink water is to reduce their access to other beverages. If you want your child to consume fewer sugary drinks, don't buy them or store them in an out-of-the-way spot that they can't see.

10. Praise

Recognition of their healthy sipping can go a long way toward encouraging your child to drink water. Whenever they ask for a glass or take the initiative to drink on their own, praise them for their good decision.

Drink More Filtered Water

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Knowing how to get kids to drink water is an important first step to keeping children hydrated. You also need to ensure that you're filling their glasses with cleaner, better-tasting water that they'll enjoy drinking. The Reservoir reduces 76 contaminants from drinking water and offers on-demand dispensing, so you can seize the moment and get them sipping. Its countertop design requires no modifications to plumbing or even a faucet, making it a convenient option for playrooms, kids' bathrooms and even childcare centers and schools. Plus, its large capacity means parents and childcare providers can spend less time refilling and replacing filter media. Discover all the benefits of The Reservoir by checking out our website.


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