The Reservoir - The Perfect Gift For New Moms

The Reservoir - The Perfect Gift For New Moms

What's the secret to finding the perfect gift for a new mom? The best gifts for new moms and baby showers are ones that make life easier and can be used regularly. While a water filter like The Reservoir may not seem like an obvious gift, the many benefits it provides makes it an excellent option. Read on to discover all the reasons why The Reservoir filtered water dispenser is an ideal gift for new moms and a smart addition to your own home if you're pregnant or have recently welcomed a new member to your family.

Why the Reservoir Makes the Perfect Gift for New Moms

Here are the top reasons why The Reservoir is a topic among gifts for new moms:

1. Encourages hydration
2. Encourages early healthy habits for children
3. Multi-use countertop filtration
4. Sleek, award-winning design
5. Cost-effectiveness
6. Less maintenance and wait time
7. Easy set up

    Encourages Hydration

    Hydration is vital for breastfeeding moms because breast milk production can cause the body to lose more water than usual according to UT Southwestern Medical Center. The best way to replace needed hydration is to regularly drink water. Having access to better-tasting, cleaner water can encourage a new mom to drink, and the countertop design of The Reservoir allows it to go anywhere from the nursery to the kitchen to the bedroom with equal ease. This means Mom can have access to water in the place she's most likely to refill her water bottle or glass.

    Encourages Early Healthy Habits for Children

    Babies and kids need water as much as grownups do. General guidelines advise that infants and toddlers ages 1 to 3 drink 3 to 4 cups of water daily. The daily recommended water intake for kids ages 4 to 8 is 6 cups, and older children should strive to drink around 7 to 8 cups.

    The Reservoir can reduce the presence of hydrogen sulfite, which can give water an unpleasant smell or taste, making little ones more willing to sip. If Mom and Dad drink more due to the availability of better-tasting water, kids also have healthy behavior to model, and young children learn many habits through imitation. In addition, using The Reservoir reduces the use of single-use plastics that can harm the environment. Parents can turn the filter system into an early lesson about conservation.

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    Multi-Use Countertop Filtration

    Single-use kitchen appliances can quickly clutter up a kitchen. Many new moms already need to make room for bottle sanitizers, warmers and racks and simply don't have the space available for multiple appliances. As a result, they need a water filter that can do it all. The Reservoir is the only water filter a family needs because it can be used to make coffee and tea, for cooking and baking, to fill pet bowls and to water plants as well as deliver filtered water for filling bottles and cups on-demand.

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    Sleek, Award-Winning Design

    The Reservoir is a previous Red Dot Design Award winner, so you can trust that it will enhance the appearance of any room. Its sleek, minimalist design can complement many types of decor, and its compact dimensions conserve space. Plus, it goes right on the countertop for easy access.


    Between childcare, healthcare, food, toys, diapers, furniture, equipment and infant care items, the average baby costs $13,716 during their first year of life. The Reservoir can help save families money compared to the cost of buying single-use 16.9oz plastic bottles or jugs of filtered water.

    With the Reservoir, a family of four that drinks two gallons of water daily will spend only 26¢ per day and less than $8 per month on filtered water. Even at a discounted price of $4 for a 24-bottle case of 16.9-oz. single-use water bottles, the cost for an equivalent amount of water is $2.60 per day or $80 per month.

    Less Maintenance, Less Wait Time

    The Reservoir doesn't add tons of ongoing maintenance to a new mom's already busy schedule. The Reservoir filters up to 390 gallons of water to cut down on the need for filling, and its filter outlasts those found in many pitcher water filters. Plus, the filter replacement timer counts gallons filtered rather than elapsed time, so Mom won't end up replacing filters prematurely.

    When it comes time to mix formula, fill a cooking pot or refill a reusable water bottle, Mom won't have to wait around for water. The Reservoir actively pumps water on demand, eliminating the wait time common with faucet and pitcher filters.

    Easy Setup

    Giving The Reservoir as a gift doesn't mean adding another complicated project to a new parent's list of chores. The countertop design means no modifications to plumbing are needed. There aren't even any batteries to insert. Only six simple steps are necessary to assemble the countertop water filter, and no tools are necessary.

    Gift The Reservoir to New Moms

    With its smart design, long-lasting filter, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and on-demand performance, The Reservoir is a choice of gifts for new moms that is sure to delight them. Learn more about The Reservoir and order one today, so you can surprise that special new mom with a smart gift that she can use every day.