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The Best Kitchen Gift For New Homeowners

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Buying gifts for new homeowners is a thoughtful gesture, particularly when you choose items that your friends and family can put to practical use rather than a candle or bottle of champagne that soon will be gone. Kitchen gifts that solve a problem like The Reservoir from Pentair Rocean are among the best gift ideas for new homeowners. By reducing 76 contaminants from tap water, The Reservoir gives the gift of cleaner water, but that's not the only reason why it's a smart choice of housewarming gifts for new homeowners. Read on to learn all of the other ways this water filter will delight your loved ones as homeowner gifts.

Top Reasons Our Water Filter Makes The Best Homeowner Gift

Here are the top reasons why The Reservoir is an excellent choice of practical gifts for new homeowners.

1. Award-Winning Design

With its sleek, clean lines and neutral colors, The Reservoir adds style to kitchens and can look at home on any counter top. The product is designed to be used in small kitchenettes in homes, studio apartments and dorms, and even large, open kitchens. Its compact size means that the recipient of your gift won't have to sacrifice all of their work space to store it. This innovative design won a Reddot award in 2021 and is sure to score points with everyone on your gift-giving list.

2. Simpler Maintenance

Even people who know they can benefit from buying a water filter may hesitate to purchase one due to concerns about the ongoing hassles of maintenance, especially if they've tried water filter pitchers in the past that require frequent filter replacements. The Reservoir cuts down on the need for filter swaps with filters that can last through 390 gallons of water filtration. That's nearly 10 times the capacity of some popular water filter pitchers, and it means the recipient of your gift can enjoy cleaner-tasting water without adding another regular chore to their schedule.

3. Cleaner Water On-Demand

Pitcher filters rely on gravity to draw water into their filters, meaning there's a delay from when you begin to pour to when your glass fills. The Reservoir works differently to deliver water on demand. Instead of using gravity, the countertop water filter actively pumps water into the carbon filter, so there's no wait time. Cleaner water is ready to enjoy in an instant. In addition, The Reservoir is simple to assemble, making it a convenient choice of gifts for new homeowners who likely already have so much to unpack and put together.

4. Sustainability

Giving The Reservoir as a practical gift for a new homeowner helps your friends and family shrink the size of their eco-footprint in a meaningful way. Because just one filter can filter up to 390 gallons of water, the recipient of your gift can eliminate up to the equivalent of 2,953 single-use 16.9 oz single-use plastic water bottles.

In addition, our countertop water filter is made with a BPA-free tank, coconut shell carbon filter (a plant-based resource) and recyclable paper-based packaging (93%).

Switching from water packaged in single-use plastic bottles to water filtered by The Reservoir at home is one meaningful thing that a person can do to help live more sustainably. As a result, the recipients of your kitchen gifts can feel good about using them, and you can feel good about giving them for housewarmings and other occasions.

5. Cost Savings

Since each replacement filter included in The Reservoir eliminates up to the equivalent of 2,953 single-use 16.9 oz plastic water bottles, the recipient of your gift can enjoy cleaner water and save money at the same time. When you consider the cost of replacement filters, that means they will spend roughly 13¢ per gallon of filtered water with Pentair Rocean.

For individuals who buy and drink standard-sized 16.9 oz bottled water on the go, having The Reservoir can lead to meaningful cost savings. The average price for a bottle of non-sparkling water was $1.18/gal in 2019 according to the International Bottled Water Association. By filling a reusable water bottle with water filtered by The Reservoir in their kitchens, those on-the-go sippers could slash the expense of staying hydrated by up to 807%.

Shop The Reservoir As The Top Kitchen Gift

With its smart design, long-lasting filter, on-demand performance and sustainability, The Reservoir is a winning choice of practical gifts for new homeowners. The water filter is also perfect for anyone shopping for kitchen gifts for mom for the holiday season, for a recent grad on their way to college and for anyone else who could benefit from drinking cleaner water. Learn more about The Reservoir, order today and get ready to surprise that special someone with a practical gift they can use every day.

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