Why The Reservoir Makes A Great Wedding Gift

Why The Reservoir Makes A Great Wedding Gift

What is a good wedding gift? Opinions differ, but many people prefer to give wedding gifts that a couple can frequently use. As a result, kitchen wedding gifts are very popular. Not only are kitchen items practical wedding gifts for newlyweds, but they can also be utilized regularly, so they provide a lasting reminder of both the big day and the person who gave the gift. Kitchen gifts don't have to be ordinary. The Reservoir water filtration system is a top choice of unique wedding gifts for newlyweds and a favorite for registries. Read on to discover why.

Bridal Shower Ideas

If you're looking for ideas for what to add to your registry, consider The Reservoir. Your bridal shower registry gives you an opportunity to let guests know what items you actually need in your home. Many people like to buy kitchen wedding gifts, but water filtration systems might not be the first thing that they think of. By placing the system on a customized registry, you can direct your friends and family members to a countertop water filtration system that will allow you to enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water- plus benefits not found in many other filters.

Why The Reservoir Makes a Great Wedding Gift

Here are the top reasons why The Reservoir is a top pick among wedding gifts for newlyweds:

It Shows Off a Stylish Minimalist Design

The Reservoir adds style as well as a source of cleaner water in kitchens. Its sleek, clean lines give the countertop water filter a minimalist modern vibe that is sure to impress at the bride's bridal shower gift display. Its compact size also makes The Reservoir simple to wrap, and the newlyweds are sure to be impressed by the fact that the system won a 2021 Red Dot Award for its design. Each year, this international design competition receives thousands of entries, making winning one a big achievement.

It Declutters Kitchens

With The Reservoir, that special couple can free up some space in their kitchen. Just one filter cartridge can filter up to 390 gallons of water, taking the place of 2,953 single-use 16.9 oz plastic water bottles. That's nearly 10 times as much as what the leading gravity charcoal filter water pitcher can process. Not only will using filtered water from The Reservoir free them from having to find a place to keep all those cases of water, but it’s cost-effective at 13 cents per gallon. Plus, the 64-ounce BPA-free tank means less frequent refilling, and the system monitors usage to let the couple know when it's time to change the filter.

They Can Use It for More Than Just Drinking

The Reservoir provides better-tasting filtered water on demand, so the newlyweds can quickly fill their reusable water bottles and quench their thirst. But those aren't the only uses for filtered water that The Reservoir offers. With filtered water delivered on demand, they can brew up better-tasting coffee in the morning, fill pet bowls, cook, bake and even give their plants a drink.

It's Good for the Couple and the Planet

The Reservoir is engineered with sustainability and safety in mind and features:

    • - Coconut shell carbon filter derived from abundant plant-based resources

    • - rPET housing made with 40% post-consumer recycled plastic content

    • - BPA-free tank

    • - Stainless steel tap and spout

    • - Paper-based packaging made from 93% recycled materials

  • - Recyclable and biodegradable replacement filter packaging made with 100% recycled fiber, 35% of which is post-consumer

These eco-conscious features make The Reservoir a great option for green-minded couples and a gift that you can feel good about gifting. Plus, the countertop water filtration system reduces levels of 76 contaminants to provide better-tasting, cleaning water.

It's a Breeze To Set Up

Giving The Reservoir as a gift doesn't mean dooming the newlyweds to hours spent in the kitchen with tools in hand trying to assemble their new present. The Reservoir doesn't require installation or even run on disposable batteries. All it takes is six simple steps to assemble the countertop water filter, and the smart design means pieces fit together without any need for tools. See how simple the process is by checking out the easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Choose the Reservoir As Your Next Unique Wedding Gift

If you're looking for practical items to add to your registry or unique wedding gifts for newlyweds, The Reservoir is a great idea. You can delve deeper into its features on our site and buy online. Shopping last minute? We have you covered, as we aim to ship every order in one to two business days. Shipping is always free, and the recipient of your gift gets the benefit of a 30-day trial, so they can experience the benefits of The Reservoir for themselves risk free.