Tips for Better Tasting Coffee

Tips for Better Tasting Coffee

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Worldwide, coffee is the third most popular beverage, and roughly 62% of Americans start their day with a cup. If a piping hot mug or tumbler of coffee is a key part of your morning routine, brewing your own at home can spare you the hassles of having to line up at the coffee shop. This guide on how to make coffee taste better includes seven tips that will allow you to reap all of the benefits of brewing at home without having to sacrifice flavor.

1. Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly

If you can't remember the last time you thoroughly cleaned your coffee maker or espresso machine, a deep cleaning is the first step for how to make coffee at home that tastes good. After all, impurities lingering in your coffee maker can end up in your cup. To sanitize and clean your appliance, fill it with white vinegar and filtered water, and run it through once. Then, run it with plain filtered water to rinse. Next, soak your coffee pot in a sink filled with white vinegar and mild dish soap. Repeat this process monthly to enjoy better-tasting coffee going forward.

2. Use Filtered Water

When you think about coffee, the beans are probably what comes to mind first, but the truth is that coffee is 98% water. As a result, what you use to fill your coffee maker or espresso machine matters. Minerals in hard water and impurities in tap water can affect the taste of coffee. Instead of filling from the tap, choose filtered water. To avoid the expense of bottled water, you can filter water yourself with a countertop water filtration system like The Reservoir. By reducing levels of 76 contaminants, The Reservoir gives you cleaner water that is better-tasting when used to brew your favorite coffee by the pot. Filtered water may also improve the taste of other hot beverages like tea and cocoa.

3. Choose the Right Coffee to Water Ratio

Using the right amount of coffee per ounce of water is vital for better-tasting coffee. Too little can lead to a weak brew, and too much can be overpowering. To hit that sweet spot, follow the Golden Ratio: one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Customize the coffee to water ratio based on how strong you like your morning joe.

4. Grind Your Own Beans

Freshly ground coffee is richer and boasts a more robust flavor, so grind your beans right before you brew. A burr grinder will give you more control over the fineness of the grind and ensure consistency. Generally, a finer grind shortens the amount of swell time that coffee needs in water. The finest grinds are typically for espresso makers and Turkish coffee. Most drip coffee makers require medium to finely ground coffee. Refer to the table below to find out what each level of fineness looks like.

Grind levels and their sizing

Extra coarse

Tiny pebbles


Coarse salt




Table salt

Extra fine

Powdered sugar

Turkish grind

Baby powder

5. Choose Water Temperature Carefully

Coffee brewing temperature impacts the flavor of coffee, and different types of beans are best brewed at varying temperatures with lighter roasts able to withstand heat better than darker roasts. When water is too cold, coffee may be bland, and boiling water can cause bitterness. The National Coffee Association recommends heating water to between 195°F and 205°F for best results with most roasts.

6. Spice Things Up

Adding spices to coffee can bring more flavor to every sip. Satisfy your sweet tooth by adding some cocoa powder or add earthy warmth with nutmeg or cinnamon. You can stir spices into your ground coffee before brewing or sprinkle some directly into your filled mug after brewing. To double the flavor, try doing both.

7. Consider Coffee Add-In Alternatives

What you stir into your coffee can make or break the taste. Flavored creamers often contain large amounts of sugar that can overpower the brew. Switching to coconut oil, honey or Stevia can lead to better-tasting coffee and may make your morning cup of coffee healthier and lower in calories.

Better Tasting At-Home Coffee Starts With Cleaner Water

Better-tasting coffee truly begins with cleaner water, and The Reservoir allows you to reap the benefits of filtered water with ease. Its large BPA-free tank means less need for refilling since it can reduce impurities for up to 390 gallons of water. Maintenance is minimal, which is important during those busy mornings. Plus, the countertop design means you don't need to make any modifications to your plumbing. You can buy online, enjoy convenient free shipping and try it for 30 days risk free to taste the difference for yourself.


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