Top Signs You Need A Water Filter

Top Signs You Need A Water Filter

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Top Signs You Need A Water Filter

Do I need a water filter? It's a question many people think about. While it's not possible to know exactly what's in your drinking water without testing, you can look for signs and consider your values and lifestyle to help you answer it. This list of signs that you need a water filter so you can have a starting point for making the best decision for your household.

1. You Spot Hard Water Deposits

Hard water deposits on plumbing fixtures can indicate that you have hard water. You can spot them by looking for chalky white residue, which is particularly easy to see on metal faucets and in sinks with stainless steel finishes. These deposits occur when minerals present in hard water build up over time. A water filtration system can reduce the contaminants and minerals that lead to these deposits, simplifying your cleaning routine. And because the same deposits may also affect the taste of drinking water, switching to filtered water could lead to better-tasting sips.

2. Your Water Tastes Funny or Looks Cloudy

Speaking of a funny taste—if you drink bottled water at home because what comes out of your tap has a strange taste or odor, filtered water may be right for you. Another sign is coffee or tea that tastes dull even when you change your brewing methods. Contaminants in drinking water may also give it a cloudy appearance that a water filtration system can likely solve. To find out what's in your drinking water, read your Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). It details what substances are present in the water and at what levels, so you can have the information to guide your decision as you compare water filtration systems.

3. You're Constantly Buying Single-Use Water Bottles

If it seems like you're perpetually buying single-use water bottles individually or by the case or pack, switching to filtered water can provide many benefits. In addition to allowing you to skip the trips to the grocery store to stock up, using a water filtration system can free up storage space, which is especially beneficial in apartments and dorms. With filtered water available on demand, you can fill reusable water bottles to enjoy at home, in the car, at work, and on the go. The Reservoir filter lasts up to 390 gallons, so you won't have to worry about frequently replacing your filter.

4. You're Looking To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

All those single-use water bottles can take a toll on the planet. Each year more than 17 million barrels of oil are needed to manufacture enough single-use bottles to meet consumers' demands for bottled water, and 86% of those bottles end up in landfills or the environment as litter. Switching to filtered water can help you shrink your eco-footprint by reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles you use. The Reservoir also has a number of other green features, including:

   - Plant-based coconut shell carbon filter

   - Stainless steel tap and spout rather than plastic

   - rPET housing with 40% post-consumer recycled content

   - BPA-free tank

   - Recyclable paper-based packaging (93% recycled content)

   - Recyclable and biodegradable replacement packaging (100% recycled fiber, more than 35% post-consumer)

5. You Live in an Apartment or Dorm

If you live in an apartment or dorm, you likely don't have control over your water supply, but the right water filtration system can allow you to still benefit from cleaner, better-tasting water. The Reservoir can be placed on a countertop, shelf, or desk and doesn't require installation or plumbing. If you move, you can take the system apart and bring it with you to continue to reap its benefits in your new home.

Buy a Water Filter Today

If any of the above signs that you need a water filter apply to you, the answer to the question "do I need to filter my water" is likely yes, and there are multiple ways that you can benefit from filtered water. You can choose an under-the-sink water filter that usually requires professional installation, a small water filter pitcher that filters while it pours, or a countertop filtration system. To determine which type is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  - Where do I need a water filtration system? The kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom? 

   - Do I have enough space for a large under-the-sink reverse osmosis water filter?

   - Do I mind having to pay for professional installation?

   - What is my short-term budget for the system?

   - What is my long-term budget for purchasing filters?

   - How much maintenance and cleaning am I willing to do?

Investing in filtered water can benefit your family and the planet. If a countertop water filtration system is right for you, The Reservoir is an excellent choice due to its easy setup, on-demand performance, large tank, and long-lasting filter capable of reducing levels of 76 contaminants. Try it risk-free for 30 days to see if it fits your needs and benefit from fast, free shipping.