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6 Ways to Live a More Active Lifestyle

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Your doctor will tell you that exercise is good for your health and can help prevent or treat many different conditions. No matter what age group we're talking about, getting active has its perks. The benefits of an active lifestyle are clear, but determining how to be more active isn't as easy.

Some people may picture active lifestyle examples as people who spend hours every day in the gym. However, the truth is that it's possible to fit exercise into your day more seamlessly. The following tips for being active can help you get on your way to an active lifestyle and stick to your commitment to be less sedentary.

1. Use Fitness Tracking Tools

Fitness trackers enable you to monitor your progress as you strive to live a more active lifestyle. You can opt for an app that you install on your phone or invest in wearable technology like a FitBit exercise tracker or Apple Watch. iPhone users can benefit from the Health app that comes pre-installed.

Depending on the option you choose, you may get daily reminders to exercise or even alerts that tell you when you have been still too long. Most tools can count the number of steps you take every day, giving you a clearer picture of how much actual exercise you need to hit your physical activity goals. Looking back on many days, weeks and months of data can also help to instill a sense of pride to keep you motivated to continue exercising.

2. Take Breaks From Your Day

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week, but you don't have to rack up all of that exercise at once. Every step you take counts towards your goals, so you are free to work exercise into your daily routine any chance you get. If you have a desk job, take a 15-minute walk break at least once every day. You can stay indoors or head outside for some fresh air. Not only will the break increase your physical activity, but it may also allow you to destress and feel more refreshed when you sit back down.

3. Accountability Buddies

Establishing one or more accountability buddies can help you follow through on your goals of living a more active lifestyle. Choose a trusted family member, coworker, friend or neighbor to take on the role. Keep them up to date about your physical activity. You can do so through a text or even send data directly from your fitness tracker. Your buddy's recognition and praise can provide positive reinforcement.

If you know someone else who is trying to learn how to be more active, consider making them your accountability buddy. You two can encourage one another and even exercise together. Consider joining the same gym, going for walks or jogs, heading out for a hike or playing a sport like golf or tennis.

4. Walk or Bike When You Can

Keep your car parked as much as possible. Walking or biking when you need to run errands is another way to work more exercise in your daily routine. When you absolutely can't avoid driving, consider parking as far away from your destination as you can, so you need to take more steps to get there.

5. Take the Stairs

When you have the time, skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. Do the same when you encounter escalators. If you're completely new to exercise, ditching the shortcuts may make you feel winded, but walking stairs will become easier over time. Notice those changes and celebrate them as signs that you're succeeding on your fitness journey.

6. Switch It Up

When exercise becomes too routine, you may fall into a rut and lose your motivation. Keep things fresh by finding different ways to exercise. Sign up for a workout class at your gym or a local community center. Incorporate new activities like biking or rollerblading. Head to parks for hikes and choose different areas for fitness walking. If you live in a place with a seasonal climate, consider taking up a winter sport like ice skating or cross-country skiing.

Don't Forget To Hydrate

As you follow these tips for being active and increase your daily exercise, your body's water requirements are likely to increase, and you're likely to feel thirstier. Increased exercise usually results in more perspiration. Drinking water helps replenish the water lost when you sweat, making it important that you stay hydrated.

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