Water filtration machines
that are good for the environment and good for business

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Over 8 billion single-use plastic water bottles are consumed and discarded from hotels annually. Our planet deserves better—and so do your guests.

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It’s time to break up with single-use plastics.

You shouldn’t have to rely on bottled water to get cleaner water. By reducing heavy metals, VOCs, and a whole range of chemical contaminants, the Reservoir helps you unlock your tap for cleaner water than you ever thought possible.

3rd-party certified to effectively filter 76 contaminants.

No matter how you measure, the Reservoir outperform. More contaminants filtered. More single-use plastic eliminated. More water per filter.

Rocean Reservoir front view featuring stainless steel spout, BPA-free tank and 390 gallon filter


Advanced Filtration

On-demand dispense

Easy-to-read filter sensor

No waterline needed

2 liter tank capacity

Certified by NSF International to effectively filter 76 contaminants from tap water.


Filter chemicals and heavy metals from your home’s water.

Chlorine • Lead • Mercury • 2,4-D • Alachlor • Atrazine • Carbofuran • Chlorobenzene • Chloropicrin • Chlordane • DEET • DBCP • Dinoseb • Endrin • Lindane • Linuron • Methoxychlor • Metolachlor • Simazine • Silvex • Toxaphene • Asbestos • Benzene • Bisphenol A (BPA) • Carbon Tetrachloride • EDB • Ethylbenzene • HAN • Haloketones • Trihalomethanes • PFOA • PFOS • Atenolol • Carbamazepine • Estrone • Ibuprofen • Meprobamate • Naproxen • Nonylphenol • Phenytoin • Styrene • TCEP • TCPP • Trimethoprim • Toluene • Xylenes • Cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba, Toxoplasma)


More details can be found in our Performance Data Sheet.

Tap water has never tasted better.

The Reservoir is powered by a small, powerful pump to actively push water through our ultrafine, carbon-block filter. No more waiting on gravity-fed charcoal filters. Just cleaner, great-tasting water, available at the touch of a button.

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